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About Us

Hey we're Zach & Simon, and we love two things... crystals and candles.

Well I guess that's not all we like, we also love our dogs and cats, we love living in Ohio, and we love scrolling on Instagram.

But enough about us, what's going on with The Calming Oasis, and what are we doing?

At The Calming Oasis we've made it our our mission to find high quality healing crystals, and infuse them into hand poured soy candles.

We combine these hand selected crystals, with beautiful aromas and then make one of a kind candles.  These candles showcase the crystals and their energy, but also include things like rose petals, hibiscus flowers, eucalyptus leaves, and more.


The Calming Oasis is run by a couple of North East Ohio locals - we're Zach and Simon.

Simon has an eye for design and creativity and he helps to style photos of our candles and take pictures for the website.

Zach runs a marketing agency as his day job, and is using his knowledge of marketing to help these candles reach the masses.

Together, we hand melt, infuse, and pour our soy candles in our home in Ohio - with dreams to expand in the future.  (How cool would a Calming Oasis warehouse be!)

It's now our mission to provide our customers with...

  • A range of quality candles and in the future we may add other handmade items
  • Focus on specialty (handmade) products that you can shop for from anywhere!
  • Customer centered experience and support - we're real people, and we CARE about our customers!


When you shop with us, you'll be supporting a small business - and building a calming candle collection that will enhance your home.

We are focusing on curating crystals and materials that are QUALITY and SERVE our audience.

So take some time to shop around, and if you have any questions - just contact us and one of our us will get back to you ASAP! 

Zach & Simon